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This website started in 2004 as a digital collection with images of beetle species from Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Since then, the website underwent considerable changes, primarily at the benefit of beetle preparations by Boris Büche (all beetle groups) and Christoph Bayer (weevils) and newly acquired photography & programming techniques.

Since July 2007 the collection is being expanded with images of type specimen and it is now also possible for other coleopterists to register and add beetle images or change identifications (contact the administrator for more info).

Programming & design: Merijn M. Bos
Mounting of beetles from Central Sulawesi: Boris Büche (all groups)
Christoph Bayer (weevils)
Beetle images were made by:Merijn M. Bos
Johannes Reibnitz
Beetles were identified by:Click here for a list of experts

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